10 Commandments of Online Shopping

Take a few time and protect yourself from fraud online.

Here’s the Ten Commandments of Online Shopping.

  1. Do not shop while you are using public Wi-Fi hotspots.
  2. Do not save your credit card information for any website.
  3. Don’t let your browser save passwords for different sites.
  4. Use a credit card, not your debit card for your online purchases.
  5. Shop reputable, familiar stores.
  6. Make sure you shopping on a secure site.
  7. Use a multi-layered approach for protecting your PC.( firewall is on, use an anti-virus program, and use an anti-malware program )
  8. A reputable online store will have a privacy policy.
  9. Before you buy, be sure find out specifics such as: packaging costs, delivery costs, when you will be billed for the item, whether you can track your order online, what the return policy is, etc. Always print out a copy of your order for your records.
  10. Frequently go through your credit card statements carefully to be sure there aren’t charges you didn’t authorize.

How To Shop Online Safely?

  • Use a credit card with online fraud protection.
  • Record purchase details.
  • Check your statements regularly.
  •  Never give out excessive information.
  • Scan for malware.
  • Use difficult passwords.
  •  Avoid making purchases in public.
  •  Shop with established companies.
  • Research the identity, location, and contact details of less familiar retailers.
  • Research the company’s reputation
  •  Avoid purchases with unclear terms and conditions.
  • Read the site’s privacy policy.
  •  Only make purchases on secure websites.
  •  Install a phishing filter.
  •  Keep yourself informed about scams.