10 safety tips for seniors living alone.

These 10 tips are essential if you have invested interest in safety for seniors living alone.

Keep all windows and doors locked, as when a senior lives alone the risk of theft and burglary is higher. It is wise for seniors to be smart about home security, this means that they should lock their doors and windows at all times and ensure that the entire house is locked when nobody is home.

They should consider an alarm system, things such as life alert systems can be very important for seniors who live alone. If they were to have a fall or accident, the senior just presses the button, which is commonly worn as a necklace. This is an excellent idea for any senior who lives alone.

It’s important that they test their smoke alarms weekly. You should always check to see if you need fresh batteries and to see if they are operating properly. It’s recommended that even if they aren’t dead you change batteries every six months when you reset your clocks for daylight savings.

Creating an emergency contact list is also critical for any senior who lives alone. This is to ensure safety and proper care in the event of an accident or injury, they should keep the list of emergency contacts next to the phone.

Keep up with medication. If a senior who lives alone runs out of medication, it can be a very dangerous situation. Specialists recommend that the senior keeps extra medication on hand so that running out prematurely doesn’t lead to a disastrous event.

They should keep their home tidy and in good repair.  A home that features hazards like exposed leads or slippery stairs is dangerous for a senior living alone. Keep their home in good repair to prevent dangerous hazards that could harm a senior.

Because seniors are very often targeted by scammers and thieves, it’s a good idea for all seniors to install peepholes in their doors so that they can keep tabs on who is knocking before they decide to open the door.

It also might be a good idea to install motion activated lights as they help spot any suspicious activity. It’s best to install these lights over prominent windows and doors on the senior’s property.

They should try engage in social events and clubs as one of the primary things seniors living alone can do to stay safe and healthy is to maintain an active social life. Seeing friends on a regular basis is a fantastic way to boost health and wellbeing. It also develops a support system so that, if anything does go wrong, the senior has people to call on.

Seniors who live alone should check in often with friends and family members. This allows the support system to help if something is awry and makes it easier for loved ones to spot potential dangers.

Bad Bots Butchering

The technology of customer service has a dark side. According to Es, Rami the broaway hit Hamilton was not really that successful, but he take credits of activist creator and the play with the help to make the consumers and retailers aware of bots can do.

Not a long after, Miranda wrote an impassioned about anti-bot op ed in NYT. It was written that they took an action about bots to take the best seats within a time they going to sale. When the time the real consumer will take place, it will be gobbled by the bots.

10 Commandments of Online Shopping

Take a few time and protect yourself from fraud online.

Here’s the Ten Commandments of Online Shopping.

  1. Do not shop while you are using public Wi-Fi hotspots.
  2. Do not save your credit card information for any website.
  3. Don’t let your browser save passwords for different sites.
  4. Use a credit card, not your debit card for your online purchases.
  5. Shop reputable, familiar stores.
  6. Make sure you shopping on a secure site.
  7. Use a multi-layered approach for protecting your PC.( firewall is on, use an anti-virus program, and use an anti-malware program )
  8. A reputable online store will have a privacy policy.
  9. Before you buy, be sure find out specifics such as: packaging costs, delivery costs, when you will be billed for the item, whether you can track your order online, what the return policy is, etc. Always print out a copy of your order for your records.
  10. Frequently go through your credit card statements carefully to be sure there aren’t charges you didn’t authorize.

How To Shop Online Safely?

  • Use a credit card with online fraud protection.
  • Record purchase details.
  • Check your statements regularly.
  •  Never give out excessive information.
  • Scan for malware.
  • Use difficult passwords.
  •  Avoid making purchases in public.
  •  Shop with established companies.
  • Research the identity, location, and contact details of less familiar retailers.
  • Research the company’s reputation
  •  Avoid purchases with unclear terms and conditions.
  • Read the site’s privacy policy.
  •  Only make purchases on secure websites.
  •  Install a phishing filter.
  •  Keep yourself informed about scams.

The Worst Cyber Crime in UK History

After this week’s cyber scandal, Tesco Bank made payments of £2.5 million to the customers.

Today, the supermarket retailer announced that the full service had resumed their financial arm after 9000 people lost their money from the Tesco Bank accounts due to the cyber-crime incident.

Reportedly, GCHQ investigates the incident which has been considered as the worst cyber-crime attack on a British Bank, over the fear that it may have been state-sponsored.

Primarily, 20,000 upwards thought to be the number of defrauded accounts, but later it was revised to 9000.

According to Benny Higgins the Tesco Bank Chief Executive: “We’ve now refunded all customer accounts affected by fraud and lifted the suspension of online debit transactions so that customers can use their accounts as normal.

“We’d also like to reassure our customers that none of their personal data has been compromised.” He added.

Andrea Bailey the chief executive of the Financial Conduct Authority, who is investigating the incident told the MPs:  “There are elements of this, as far as we can tell at the moment, that look unprecedented.

“The heart of concern is what is the root cause of this and what it tells us about the broader threats.”

1M Cyber Attacks A Day

This festive season, retailers from UK are expected to be hit with one million cyber fraud per day.

A fraud prevention firm, ThreatMetrix, warned the retailers that the new research data suggest that 50 million global will be having online fraud attacks expected to occur during Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping week.

Online sales activity is so remarkable this year. IT teams will be busier than usual and fraudsters are expected to take advantage, hoping to slip through the systems unnoticed due to the high volume of transactions.

Are Your Details Safe? In Retail Cyber Security

Cybercrime never been considered as a significant threat in retail. On the first six months of 2016 cyber-attacks increased by 46%. Retail giants like Tesco and Deliveroo tried to stop the attack on exposing the customer data.

During Christmas period, retailers expected to receive one million cyber-attacks per day and 50 million global online fraud attacks especially on Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping week.

As online sales continue to increase, it is expected to rise next year overall sales to 21%, it also means more opportunities are open for hackers to exploit.

G.J. Schenck Mobile Security Lookout’s Vice President International said that, retail is data rich and is where high volumes of transactions are done meaning there’s lots of money in it.

Retailers literally have consumers coming to them daily to spend money, and in every transaction, there is subsequent swapping of valuable information during the process. This makes retailers a prime target for hackers.

Retail is an industry where their relationship depends to its customers.The focus of online platforms is on ease of use, making transactions more streamlined to prevent customers leaving orders, it means storing masses of customer data.